What types of flooring can we do?

The main types we do are engineering/hardwood, vinyl and laminate. However our process can work for other types of flooring. Please contact us if you are unsure if we do your flooring type.

Why is vinyl more expense?

Creating vinyl nosings is a more complex process compared to engineered or laminate nosing

Can you join nosing together?

Yes, we do join nosing together for an additional fee. However, this service is only available for laminate or engineered/hardwood flooring.

Do we sell colour matched filler or paint?

Yes, we can offer colour matched filler or paint. Please call to request this to be added to your order.

Do we offer installation?

Unfortunately, we do not offer installation of stair nosing.

Do we do delivery?

Yes, we can provide a courier service for an additional fee.

How do I pay?

If you order online and you are not a flooring retailer, please pay with credit card. If you order over the phone or through email you can pay with cash, cheque, credit card or an e-transfer to accounting@shapemeasure.com. If you are a flooring retailer, please contact us about setting up an account.

What dimensions should I order for my nosing?

Length: - Please round up for the length of your stair nosings. For example, if your stair width is 38", order 48"/ 4 feet. - For wall to wall stairs, we recommend ordering 6 inches longer than the length of your stairs as they can be cut down on-sight to fit perfectly. For stairs with an open end we recommend an additional 6 inches per open end - If your stair nosing length needed is longer than your flooring planks, please call to order. Joint: - The joint depends on if you are connecting to existing flooring or not. Please check if your existing flooring needs tongue or groove to connect Roundover: - While roundover is a mainly an aesthetic choice, some municipalities have required dimensions according to building code. Please check your municipality building code before ordering your stair nosing. Top, Drop & Return: - The top, drop and return dimensions are dependent on the width of your flooring. If your board width is greater than 6 inches we recommend ordering standard dimensions. - The top of a stair nosing should be 3.25" or greater as anything lower may compromise stability. If your board is too thin for your desired dimensions, please call us to help place your order as it will require extra flooring. Standard dimensions: - Standard dimensions are only available for planks greater than 6.75" in width. For the top we can make the it anywhere form 3.25-5" if you choose remainder. If planks are too wide, they will be cut down to fit the maximum top dimensions with the standard drop and return. Width/Top:4.25 inches Front/Drop: 1.5 inches Return: 1 inch Joint: Groove Roundover: 1/8

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