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Prep your Materials

  1. Remove the flooring planks from the box.

  2. Separate the planks you want to use for your stair nosing

  3. Choose one extra plank to send with your order.​

  4. Use a sharpie to label the back of each plank with your order number and the length of nosing that plank is meant to be used for. For example: "N3201 - 42 in." or "N3201 - EXTRA"

  5. If pieces are going to be joined together on the job site (2 nosings joined to make a long piece or a one side open stair, please mark them each with "A" and "A", "B" and "B", etc. So we can dimensionally match them.

  6. Pack the labelled pieces back into an empty box or bundle them with cling film or painter's tape.

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