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Tips for ordering

  1. Please order your nosing lengths in 6" increments (e.g. if you place an order for 39", for example, the length will be upsized automatically to 42").

  2. The most common specifications our customers order are: 4.25" top, 1.5" drop, 1" return, 1/8" roundover, and groove.

  3.  For vinyl nosing we have two options for the return dimension: 3/4" or 1", + the material thickness - most customers choose 3/4" for this option. 

  4. We recommend adjusting your dimensions so that each nosing only uses one plank of flooring to save material, e.g. if your flooring planks are 6.5", you could specify nosings with: 4" top, 1.5" drop, 1" return.

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